About us

"From complex health to a simple solution."

This is Pettadore

Pettadore simplifies the care of your pets so that you have even more time to give them attention. Every day we transform complex health into a simple solution that we are happy to share!

We have experienced for ourselves that true health can be complex, takes a lot of time to figure out and takes a lot of time to implement! That is why we have started designing solutions to make complex healthy care more efficient so that we have more time for the direct attention of your pets.

Welcome to Pettadore, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, we are happy to help make caring for your cat simple and healthy.

All cats are welcome

All cats are welcome, we do not distinguish between the different types, sizes or disorders in cats. A healthy solution comes from the core of a cat in combination with the currently best developed of contemporary possible. The healthy and simple solutions that we design are therefore applicable to every cat.